Building From the Ground Up

Chris Ledet Homes has the experience to orient your home maximizing it’s aesthetic appeal. We also specialize in unique home designs that optimize exterior views.

Designing Your Home

Chris Ledet Homes can assist you with designing your custom home. By connecting you with an architect, draftsman or interior designer for your home that will listen to your needs and budget. We plan to create a quality home that exceeds your expectations.

Building Homes to Specifications

Specifications are all of the details that are required to build your home to the local building code and your architect’s instructions. At Chris Ledet Homes, we navigate through the specifications to make certain that decisions made for your home make sense and meet your budget requirements. We want you to make decisions at your comfort level and to rely on Chris Ledet Homes to make the others.

Construction + Communication

The construction phase of any project requires effective communication. Our goal is to maintain frequent, consistent and meaningful communication with you.

Moving into Your New Home

Moving into your new home is an event to be celebrated! At Chris Ledet Homes, we make sure that occupation of your new home is great experience. After an occupancy permit is received from the Building Inspector, your new home receives a final cleaning and inspection. We’ll do a final walk-through with you, the Customer, to ensure that every detail of your new home is just right.

Caring For You, After the Sale

Chris Ledet Homes will be here for you, after the sale. As long-term, committed citizens in the Bayou Region of Southeast Louisiana, Chris Ledet Homes commits to making sure that your needs, as a homebuilder and customer are met, even after you move into your new home. With a multitude of products going into each new home, warranty issues can arise. We’re here after the sale to help you manage those warranties and correct product and production issues. We take pride in the fact that many of our customers have returned to Chris Ledet Homes for the building of their 2nd or 3rd custom, energy-efficient home.