with Chris Ledet

The key to better building is about better design. I’ve been talking a lot about green building and how it’s better not only for the environment, but also for value, efficiency and quality. It’s all those things and it starts with thinking through your home’s design for maximum results.

And that’s where we come in. We love to help families design their homes starting from the very beginning with house plans all the way to helping you choose the best windows and doors.

Design is really just all about choices. We’ve gone to conferences, done lots of research and just experienced what works best. In the beginning, you have to choose a house plan that works for you. We can help you with a plan of your own or we’ve got a great selection of plans that look and feel great in South Louisiana.

Designing well also means picking the best components from windows to flooring for your home. Navigating questions like, “Should I use the more expensive doors just on the front of my house?” and “What space do we really need?”

Building the best home for your family starts with good design. Let us help you design the best space for your family and


with Chris Ledet

I recently went to a conference about green building. Now wait, before you think green building is just an expensive, unnecessary alternative to “regular” home building, let me talk to you about how it’s really a total approach to building that delivers the best value for families.

It’s smarter building because it’s about designing and building homes that are long lasting, efficient, eco-friendly and that use less energy and water. So green building is about quality; just the next step in quality. And that’s what we want to build at Chris Ledet Homes: quality homes for any budget.

First of all, durability is really important, especially in South Louisiana where weather and insects can cause damage. So we look at elevation, proper drainage, wind-resistant elements like roofing and windows, and bug resistant products and building practices. We want your home to last.

And when we’re talking about efficiency, we review options in areas such as caulking, water heaters, insulation, windows, glazing and HVAC. If you don’t choose the right products, your home can become inefficient and expensive to operate.

Eco-friendly means choosing products that not only have less impact on the environment, but also support the environment where you and your family live — outside and in. We look at things like using renewable materials as well as ways to keep pollutants out of your home.

Green building is really just good building practices. And we know you’re not in the building business, so we’ve done the research for you. We’ve figured out what works for South Louisiana and we want to help you build a home to last.